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clients testimonials

We make several demands on agencies we use: we require an agency that understands our business; that comprehends the calibre of temp we require; and that can supply us with temps of consistent high quality and often at short notice. Tanya and Fusion have always been able to deliver when asked.
Having been in contact with several agencies over the years, I think the thing that does stand out about Fusion is their willingness to listen to a client’s specific needs. Other agencies may pitch on their services and pricing, but I’ve always found that first and foremost Fusion will take the time to understand their clients, look at how their business operates, and only then look at likely candidates for the role. I think this sets them apart, and genuinely does make them a business partner we know we can rely on.
Fusion is everything that you want an agency provider to be, they listen to the customer to understand the skill sets required and then move heaven and earth to provide the resource levels needed. No better example is the help and support that Leila from Fusion has provided over the last three years, ensuring we have the right level and calibre of temporary resource at our critical operating periods of the 
I have been working with Fusion Appointments Ltd and in particular Tanya Etheridge for the past 10 years.  We are a very professional company who continually require only the highest calibre of personnel, Tanya can certainly deliver this.  Whatever is asked of Tanya she will always come up trumps, whether it be the simplest of tasks or the near impossible.  I would recommend Fusion Appointments Ltd to any potential employer, whether on a temporary or permanent basis’.