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Permanent Recruitment Solutions


It adds tremendous value to our clients that all of us in the Fusion team can do both Temporary and contract recruitment.  Not only does it keep the recruitment costs down for the client, but both clients and potential candidates are secure in the knowledge surrounding each booking that they are in good, capable hands.  

We believe

Not all employers are the same - We listen carefully to their needs.

Not all candidates are the same - We do thorough, face to face interviews to ensure we know our individual candidates; their strengths, skills, ambitions, and potential roles that would be of interest to further their careers.

Not all recruitment agencies are the same - At the heart of our business model is a commitment to understand the individual needs of each client big or small, to understand each candidate’s potential and an expert knowledge of the marketplace.

At Fusion we aim to

Reduce your recruitment costs

Place reliable, high quality professionals that you can integrate seamlessly into your existing teams

Provide an accountable and measurable service

Provide just one initial point of contact who will co-ordinate Fusion’s team

Work in partnership with your company to ensure follow up and regular ongoing communication are maintained.

This personal approach ensures we are the best!!!