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Temporary Workforce Solutions

Our long-standing client relationships and candidate referrals ensure that we are best placed to provide a first-class service.

Our clients come to us first, since we recruit for them accurately.    

We work with each Client on an individual basis and realise that not one recruitment campaign is the same as the next.

Due to the honest and reliable service the Fusion team provide to our clients they come back to us as their first and preferred recruitment agency to supply each time.

We do not do on mass database searching and send numerous amounts of potential candidates to our clients.

Our candidates come to us first, since we introduce them to the best positions.

Our candidates are confident that the Fusion team will look after their career needs and that we do not play the ‘numbers’ game.

The Fusion team see their candidates personally for interview and assist them in their preparation.

Our Permanent Division holds the record at 98% accurate recruitment.  An unsuccessful placement is a rare event at Fusion, so we are delighted to offer our clients a free replacement or full rebate subject to Terms and Conditions.

Fusion has 100% client retention.  Once our clients have experienced our level of service and our ability to deliver what they need when they need it, they come back to us time and time again. Since we began in 2005, ALL OUR CLIENTS have chosen to stay with us!

96% of our business comes from referral - Our honest and straightforward approach to the client’s recruitment, combined with their support and our continued referrals enable us to attract the best positions and candidates.

We save our clients time & money - At the heart of our approach is the understanding that a good business is as efficient as the people that work there. We work hard to save our clients valuable time and money by getting the job right. That is what we mean by service and that is what we do